At Hearing Aid Systems, we feel it’s important for our patients to have a place to tell their story and how our care has helped them. Below are just a few of the many stories our patients are experiencing.

There is no shortage of hearing aid stores and clinics in most communities and I am not qualified to say that one provides higher quality products than another. However, I can testify from experience that Chuck Sasala of Hearing Aid Systems in Santa Barbara is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and being independent of the several manufacturers he is able to select and fit the customer with the brand and style that will achieve the best possible result. His mission was clear to me; to spend whatever time and do whatever is necessary to see that I was satisfied with the result. And I was.

I’m exceptionally pleased with the excellent hearing aids and the good service provided by Chuck Sasala. He was recommended by a friend, who said he was always available to make adjustments if she had any problem with her hearing aids. I am Lou, a writer in his 80s, who had never before worn hearing aids. Before going to Mr. Sasala I had two other hearing tests.

What particularly impressed me about Mr. Sasala with his personal concern. Rather than just sell me hearing aids, he sent me to my doctor first to see if there was anything wrong with my ears. My doctor, who has treated me for ENT issues for many years, said that I was a good candidate for hearing aids. Mr. Sasala worked with me to provide the hearing aids that worked best for me and saw me several times afterward to see that they were working properly.

I recommend him whole-heartedly.

I must say that I have been grateful and impressed by your patience, knowledge of audiology, and the amount of service you freely offer to your patients. The use of demos to make a right choice of equipment is exceptional. You are a genuine professional dedicated to satisfying the audio needs of people –like me- who cannot evaluate their problems.

I approached Hearing Aid Systems because my hearing was rapidly failing and I needed to have an updated hearing test. The testing discovered that I had a hearing loss in both ears where I was only aware of loss in the left ear. Results of testing was amazing as I could finally hear ordinary conversation without having the speaker repeat themselves. Everyone from the parking attendant, to the reception desk, to Lena and Chuck made my association with them a worthwhile experience. I would recommend Hearing Aid Systems to anyone who needs to improve their quality of life by improving their hearing.
Patricia – Retired Executive Secretary & Medical Transcriber

Hearing Aid Systems have provided outstanding hearing aid support for a number of years. Chuck Sasala began support in March 2012 and has been responsive to all of the adjustments I have requested, and has provided routine maintenance in a timely manner.

I would recommend Hearing Aid systems of Santa Barbara to others. I experienced courteous, quick, caring and informative service. A pleasure to hear again!!