Why Hearing Aid Systems?

We start with a comprehensive history and analysis of your hearing/listening communication needs and requirements. This is completed through our Auditory Lifestyle Assessment. This is about the quality of your life so we begin by understanding clearly what is important to you. Next you will receive a thorough audiometric evaluation. If your hearing would be helped by the use of hearing instruments then the next step is a hearing aid evaluation. We also actively participate in the prevention of hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protective devices, consultation on the effects of noise on hearing, and consumer education.

A wide range of hearing health care services is available for individuals of all ages. Our professionals are skilled in the areas of childhood hearing loss, adult diagnostic procedures, hearing aid selection and provision, assistive listening technology, listening skills related to hearing loss, and development of effective communication skills through aural rehabilitation.

Our services include the following:

Ear Molds:
-Custom-made noise protection earmolds Any kind of noise exposure is potentially damaging to hearing, so whether your noise exposure comes from your work environment or just mowing your lawn, custom earmolds can provide protection from noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluations
-Our hearing aid evaluation is unique. During the evaluation you will be tested in the presence of background noise. This is usually the most challenging environment for patients with a hearing loss. This is also the environment where we expect the most improvement from a hearing aid. You will have the opportunity to wear hearing aids from the top manufacturers during the evaluation. You will be able to judge for yourself if a hearing aid is right for you.

Hearing Aid: Warranty Service
-If your hearing aid requires servicing while still under the manufacturer’s warranty, or repair warranty, we will take care of processing the necessary paper work to ensure your repair is completed in a timely manner. A "Rush Service" option is available and the exact time frame will vary among manufacturers. "Drop Shipping" can be arranged to your home, vacation or out of town location. Both the "Rush Service" and the "Drop Shipping" are available for an additional fee.

Hearing Aids
– We offer a wide selection of hearing aids, including digital processing and digitally programmable, from a variety of manufacturers. We will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing healthcare needs within your budget.

Repair All Makes
-We can get your hearing aid repaired quickly at a reasonable cost.