Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity allows the hearing aid user to do more with their hearing aids and to wirelessly connect to the world around them. Do you have difficulty hearing on the phone? Wireless connectivity allows you to connect to your cell phone or landline phone in both ears and improve what you want to hear right through your hearing aids. Do you have difficulty hearing the television? Wireless connectivity allows you to connect directly to the TV through your hearing aids and improve your enjoyment of your favorite programs. Do you have difficulty hearing in noisy environments? Wireless connectivity allows you to improve the signal that you want to hear over the noise for greater clarity.

Whatever the need, Hearing Aid Systems has a wide variety of wireless options to help. At Hearing Aid Systems, we work with all major hearing aid manufacturers to provide the greatest selection of wireless options. Here are just a few of the products that we offer and how they work to improve clarity.

Oticon – ConnectLineTM
Expanding on the Potential of BluetoothTM Connectivity
Quality hearing instruments create a foundation for improved communication for many people who have hearing loss.  But in some specific situations, there is room for improving access even more.  ConnectLine is a whole family of solutions that work with Oticon hearing instruments offering wireless access to modern communication and media devices.  Whether talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to music, or talking in the car, ConnectLine can help with all of these activities and more. ConnectLine reduces barriers to these everyday devices, allowing communication to be more free and spontaneous in everyday interaction.
–Click the play button below to watch a video of how this technology works.–

Unitron – Udirect, UTV 2 & Smart Control
Enrich your hearing experience!

Expand the possibilities of your hearing experience with our full range of convenient and easy-to-use accessories that are designed to meet a variety of your needs – from connectivity and control, to convenience and safety.  Add a satisfying new dimension to your listening experience with accessories from Unitron. These sleek accessories wirelessly delivers clear sound signals directly to both of your wireless hearing aids, resulting in a range of benefits:

  • Conveniently acts as a remote for quick access to essential features of your hearing aids.
  • promotes safer, hands-free operation of Bluetooth® enabled cell phones
  • Plug in your MP3 player for wireless transmission of music and audio to your hearing aids without the need for headphones